RFID protection for your creditcards

RFID protection protects you from data theft.

The Alu-Protect-Case protects credit cards and payment cards in a Advanced card holder with sliding control mechanism

and a Stop-drop technique 100% against misuse of data a secure wallet minimizes the risk of unwanted reading 

Card Guard has the data-safe Alu-Protect cover, which can hold up to 6 chip cards, protects you against theft and prevents data theft. In addition, Card Guard is equipped with the unique slide control mechanism, which allows you to slide out your cards in a controlled manner and grab them with your fingertips. The revolutionary stop-drop technology prevents the cards from falling out of the compartment, even if you turn Card Guard upside down. Card Guard is handy, compact and still fits your driving license, ID card, customer and credit cards. Card Guard is made of high quality vinyl leather. You make a perfect, exclusive impression, it is extremely strong, good for years of fun and suitable for daily use. The practical magnetic closure prevents unintended opening and ensures that Card Guard remains reliably locked. The Card Guard is not only a safe, smart and easy storage system in which you can safely store your bank cards, this cardholder also ensures that the cards are kept in good condition. With this renewed wallet your cards will not be damaged. Do not let yourself look into the cards. With CardGuard the portfolio that makes you safe.

Protecting against data theft is convenient, compact and still fits your driving license, ID card, customer and credit cards








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May 23, 2018

Congraslation all the customers……………….
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    May 23, 2018

    Hi Gobinda,

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